How Do We Rent From You?

It’s easy. You can call or email to set up a rental reservation, then meet us at the shop OR we can deliver the rentals you want to your home. We can give you paddle routes to nearby Lake Anna State Park and undeveloped, public land for picnics or to one of the lake’s waterfront restaurants. Our rentals will often “sell out” on holiday weekends so please make plans early! Also, we offer discounted weekly rental rates for our vacationing visitors. 2018 Rental Rates: Single Person Kayak is $30/half day and $40/full day. Two person kayak is $45/half day and $55/full day. Paddleboard is $35/half day and $45/full day. Paddleboat is $50/half day and $70/full day. Canoe is $35/half day and $50/full day. Paddles and PFDs are included in these rates. Seat backs are available for rent at additional, modest fees as are additional PFDs. Drop off and pick-up of kayaks is available for $25 within the LKA area. We looking forward to your visit!

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