Spring Paddling Routes

Many people ask us for paddling route suggestions throughout the year and we are happy to oblige. Every person that paddles with us is shown the big GMCO Lake Anna wall maps we sell and offered one of the Lake Anna Illustrated Maps to help them navigate the area near the shop. Our #1 paddle route is the 1/2 mile up to the closest point of Lake Anna State Park. The north point of Pigeon Run is the start of the park and offers paddlers undeveloped and public land to enjoy. There are little, sandy beaches to enjoy along the wooded shoreline, the first of which is just around that first point. Along the way, if you paddle early enough, you might see otters, beaver, kingfishers, herons, ospreys and eagles. This is a great picnic paddle. Our #2 paddle route is the 2.5 mile trip to Anna Cabana restaurant. This waterfront eatery is located just inside the mouth of Sturgeon Creek, about 2.5 miles south of the shop. You can paddle up and enjoy lunch or dinner during the week in season and breakfast/brunch on the weekends. We have other routes that we can suggest around the lake, just stop by the shop and we’ll help you out.Welcome Spring Group ShotAnna Cabana Lawn

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