Winter 2021

We have held our most successful Christmas Open House campaign yet and will wrap up this weekend (December 19-20). Thank you to everyone that shopped with us! If you’ve been to the shop before you noticed all our exterior and interior renovations plus dozens of new items – everything from Campfire Colors to Roasting Forks, Lake Anna Monster tees to Unsalted Coast hoodies, we really upped our apparel and gift game. If you were one of our many new customers, we hope you’ll come back often! We’re expecting a load of Free Free and Big Fish kayaks the second week of January and planning a big Mid-Winter Sale around Valentine’s Day. See our Facebook page for a list of the new kayak inventory and call if you’d like to purchase anything as they won’t last long and we won’t get more until April. We also have a good inventory of Tahe Tough Tech SUPs and YOLO sups.

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